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Steel Single Die of Brake Bracket

​Die Size: 1680*540*679 mm
Die type: 2 out single die(L+R)
Part thickness:2.2 mm
End user:BMW

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Product Details

Die Size: 1680*540*679 mm

Die type: 2 out single die(L+R)

Part thickness:2.2 mm

End user:BMW

Lead time:24 weeks


Single dies are used for low-volume parts and to manufacture large parts that cannot be efficiently manufactured in one press. Hanker high-quality single dies for the automotive, appliance, office furniture, and aerospace industries.  We have the expertise and technology to design, test and manufacture line tools that meet a broad range of manufacturing challenges.


Single die used for:

1.Parts that require hand or robotic loading

2.Tandem-line manufacturing of large parts

3.Parts manufactured from deep-draw steel